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Thank you for visiting Mold Removal Van Nuys

Thank you for visiting Mold Removal Van Nuys. We are an experienced mold remediation service that is here to help! Mold removal must be completed quickly and correctly in order to eradicate the problem. If you know or suspect that you have a mold problem, you must take action quickly! Mold is an allergen that can cause a number of health problems in both children and adults and can lead to long term respiratory problems if left untreated. Additionally, children and adults with asthma are particularly susceptible to mold and breathing it in can induce an asthma attack.
Mold is dangerous in large part because it reproduces so quickly. If you have water damage in your home, there are many places for the mold to live and reproduce very rapidly. A small leak in your roof can lead to water damage in your walls and flooring. These are both places that, when damp, mold loves to grow.
Mold Removal Van Nuys will locate the source of your mold problem, track down where it has spread to and eradicate the mold totally and completely. We will get your home back in order quickly and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Mold Assessment

The experienced team at Mold Removal Van Nuys will perform a complete assessment to determine the type of mold in your home by sampling the air and the surface where the mold is found. We will work with you to pinpoint the entry point of water into your home and ensure that it is repaired. We will then track down all of the mold so that we can fully remove all of the mold from your home.

Mold Removal

It is important to let our experienced mold removal team treat your property quickly. The most effective way to eradicate mold is to physically remove it, and the technicians at Mold Removal Van Nuys are experts at locating and removing mold.

Mold Removal Guarantee

  • Mold Testing of Surfaces and Air.
  • Leak Detection and Moisture testing.
  • Mold mitgation and remediation.
  • Infrared thermography (thermal Imaging).
  • Professional, licensed and bonded technicians.
  • Leaking and bursting pipes.
  • Build up in places that gathers water like attics, basement and crawl spaces.
  • Weather related and natural disaster issues.

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